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EDA System ET

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation. Another acronym is ECAD which means Electronic Computer-aided Design. Both terms refer to software for drawing schematics and PCB layouts.

The list of requirements such a tool has to fulfil is growing all the time and there are so many products to choose from. Any tool will easily support the traditional approach to hardware design. Yet most of them fail to meet newly emerging demands from new methodologies like agile hardware development or to connect to well established version control systems, e.g. git. The time has come for something new !

Since mid-2017 we have been developing an EDA-system with these outstanding features:
  • designfiles are in ASCII and optimized for version control (like Git)
  • multi-schematic and PCB support (rig-design)
  • supports agile hardware development
  • true hierarchic design (points of interconnection at module boundaries)
  • component libraries well separated in symbol, package/footprint and device
  • One symbol, package or device always lives in one file (*.sym, *.pac, *.dev)
  • highly scripting capable via Linux command line or internal script processor
  • completely OpenSource
  • runs natively on Linux
  • Find more details on the active project here: System ET