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Detect manufacturing faults, bring-up and test of prototypes and systems ?

Boundary Scan / JTAG / IEEE 1149.x - OpenSource - on Linux

  • Minimal UUT access via 5 wire IEEE1149.1 test bus
  • Fault diagnosis down to pin level
  • Interconnect Test (short/open detection)
  • Memory Connect Test (RAM/ROM/FLASH)
  • Oscillator Test / Clock Test
  • LED, Display Test, Logic Test …

  • UUT Power Switch and Monitoring up to 4A / 48 V DC
  • full galvanic separation of UUT from Scan Master in NonTest Mode
  • Operator Activity reduced to pushing START / STOP Button
  • PASS / FAIL display by just two front panel LEDs
  • Fast & Safe UUT change by rugged front panel connectors (CPC / DSub)
  • rugged 19'' Chassis for rack mounting
  • Linux® based Operating System (virus immune, long term stable)
  • Mission Critical, OpenSource Coded in Ada
  • Test Programs automatically or manually creatable in high-level language
  • Test pattern generators disclosed
  • remote operation and maintenance corporate inside or worldwide
  • supports scripting for auto-build-processes
  • data structures open for integration in Flying Probe Test, In-Circuit Test, AOI/AXI, ...

  • On Site service, consulting and maintenance
  • Library Device Service
  • No License required - due to OpenSource !
  • Read more here : M-1 Manual & Tutorial
    A Guide to test methods and why to go for Boundary Scan
    What is Boundary Scan / JTAG ?